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                   Air Conditioning

The efficiency and maintenance of the Central Air Conditioning unit will determine the costs to operate the system with all other factors being the same. When installing or replacing a central air conditioning unit you should buy the highest efficiency unit that you can to obtain the most cost efficient way of operating the system. The compressor, condenser and air handler units must be compatible or all components will have to be replaced for proper operation. The required maintenance for the central air conditioning system is to use a higher efficient filter and to keep the air filter clean, this will keep the evaporator coil clean and maintain the highest efficiency based on the system design.

When checking the operation of the Air Conditioning system you should make sure that the outside temperature is above 60 degrees. Turn the system on at the thermostat and lower the temperature below the room temperature. After about 15 minutes you can go to the air handler and check for proper temperature differential between the return air and the supply air. The temperature differential should be between 15 degrees and 20 degrees. This differential will assure that the system will cool the house and dehumidify the house at the same time. A low temperature differential indicates a possible loss of refrigerant or a tired/worn out compressor. A high temperature differential indicates a possible dirty AC coil or filter. It could also mean that the system is too large for the house. The system will require service to check the cause of the low or high differential. (see picture)


When running the Air Conditioning system in the summer, you should turn the thermostat fan on to run continuously, this will constantly circulate the air and keep a better balance through out the house. Because warm air rises, when the AC unit turns off as the thermostat is satisfied, the warm house air will rise up and warm the second floor to a higher temperature than the first floor. When the thermostat does turn the AC back on again it will cool the first floor to the desired temperature but the second floor will only be lowered the same 2 degrees and will never be at the same temperature as the first floor. Constantly moving air will cool the skin temperature.

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