Stucco Inspections 
Hardcoat Stucco & EIFS are waterproof products, if installed properly, but improperly installed stucco and most stucco cracks are not waterproof and will leaking which can cause rot and possible mold
problem in the house structure. Key problem areas in Hardcoat & EIFS stucco are: Missing or improperly installed window and door flashings and casings. Missing caulk at the window & door openings. No weep screeds at the base of wood frame walls. No weep screeds at first or second story of wood over masonry. Horizontal returns without proper drainage and control joints. Missing drainage at porch beams and arches. Improperly installed wire lath, with improper building paper installations. Missing control/expansion joints. Stucco is not coping and should not be installed on top of any wall. Missing kick-out flashings at the roof edges.   VISUAL INSPECTION We will perform a visual inspection to determine if any of the installation problems exist. We will inspect the exterior & interior walls & any visible floor structure in the basement to determine if
there has been water entry, dampness, or rotted areas. We will submit a report documenting our findings.   INVASIVE INSPECTION We will drill small holes in the stucco walls, below windows, doors and other suspect areas.
Testing with a long probe Moisture Meter to determine if the water is penetrating the wall and to what
extent the water is doing damage. Probe meters are the only type of instrument on the market today that will alert inspectors to what is
really happening beneath the stucco.
We will submit a report with pictures of the moisture readings documenting our findings. If needed we can remove small sections of stucco to determine the extent of the rot in the tested areas. After testing, the holes and sections are sealed with caulk matched to the exterior color of the Stucco. Stucco Inspections are charged on an hourly basis with a minimum for each site visit.
Call or e-mail for a Quote.  (610-964-1477) Remediation options usually require: Caulking & sealing all areas and joints including decorative trim, windows, doors, roofs, and all other
exterior wall penetrations. Some of the water damage may be caused by poor quality windows, improper flashings, and/or they
were inadequately sealed by the builder. Some of the windows may also require replacement. Removal of the stucco may be required, repairing or replacing any rotted wood, correctly sealing &
flashing the windows & other penetrations. Installing a drain pan beneath window sills to channel any
water leaking through or around the window penetrations to the exterior. Then re-stuccoing the walls
as per Building Code Standards.

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