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                                                                  Home Inspections

The primary aim of a Home Inspection is to help the buyer understand the condition of the home’s major structural, mechanical and electrical components as they affect the investment value and fundamental utility of the property.

Our Home Inspections are a comprehensive visual examination of the physical structure and systems of the home (interior & exterior). They are also an educational tool for the home buyer to learn how the systems operate, how to determine if there is a serious problem with any system, and what maintenance will be required. When inspecting the exterior we will climb up on the roof, if safe.

The seller of the property should be made aware that the Home Inspection will require approximately 2 to 3 hours. Also, that the Home Inspector will have to gain access to all areas of the house, including the attic.

Our Home Inspectors use their experience, skills, clues and personal knowledge to determine the condition of the components. We will explain the condition of the components so that the buyer understand them. We will also point out the positive and negative aspects of the home.

The buyer will receive a comprehensive written report E-mailed the next day, documenting the conditions that were explained during the inspection. The report will also include Cost Projections for needed repairs.

Included with the written report will be our Home Owners Manual, (8 1/2 X 11)
1.  Homeowners Maintenance Manual  (9 pages)
2.  Energy Saving Tips  (16 pages with graphics)
3.  Basement Water Penetration Manual  (32 pages with graphics)
4.  Projected Costs of Repairs, Replacement & Remodeling  (7 pages - 250
     costs) Updated annually
5.  Life Expectancies of Residential Building Components  (3 pages)
6.  Radon & Checklists (Fire prevention, Home security, Planning the move &
     Pre-closing checklists)
7.  Glossary of words in Manual  (4 pages)

With our Home Inspection Report, Home Owners Manual and the education gained during the Home Inspection process the buyer should have a clear understanding of the home they are about to purchase and they will be able to make a more informed, confident decision.

We also offer complimentary telephone counseling on such matters as clarification of points raised in the report, home maintenance, projected repairs and improvements.

Our Home Inspection Fee is based on: the Age of the home, the Style of the home and the Square feet of the home.

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